Our Mandate


Analyze the threats to the security of the civil airports and facilitate to take the immediate actions in combating the threats.

Create a secure environment for everyone who uses the civil airports, by protecting all the properties and the aircrafts, guarding the harbors and surrounding areas of the airport.

Check and screen the departing aircrafts, passengers, crews and their belongings.

Maintaining the safety and security of civil airports in case of a threatening situation by creating and implementing Action Plans, Emergency Response and Contingency Plans.

Examine the changes of civil aviation in the international and national level, structure the planes according to the standard of international civil aviation in the civil airports.

Conduct inspections and analysis the present conditions of the civil airports and check whether they are according to the standards put forward by concerning government authorities.

Create an emergency action plane for the accidents/incidents which might occur in the civil airports, present it to the concerning government/private authorities and practice it.

Standardize a secure and protective way of providing the services for the service providers in the civil airports and inspect them.

Work in unity with the concerned people to get the latest machines and facilities to maintain the security of the civil airports.

Create a security pass structure policy for the civil airports and implement it.

Protect the civil airports against the terrorist activities by training competent, efficient, energetic, honest, and loyal people.

Support the steering organizations of the civil airports to create and implement the planes to protect the airports.

Support the concerned authorities in the investigations of unlawful actions in the civil airports.

Implement the rules and regulations to secure and protect the civil airports with the supports of the concerned authorities.